configure ad blocking on udm se

Posted on Fri 17 March 2023 in tech • Tagged with udm, udmse, pi-hole, adblocker

Unifi UDM-SE Adblocker

How to setup Pi-hole style blocklist on Unifi

  1. Download Fetch AdBlocker
  2. ssh to root@udmse
  3. Enable /etc/dnsmasq.d,*.conf in dnsmasq.conf
  4. Run the script
  5. Restart or reset dnsmasq

You now have a pi-hole style config on unifi dream machine.

Full video on YouTube …

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dnsmasq adblock fetcher using python

Posted on Wed 23 December 2020 in tech • Tagged with programming, python, adblocker

If you are using Pi Hole or Unifi Edgerouter for Ad Blocking via a host file, check out fetch_blocker. This is a straightforward python script to pull the Steven Black Hosts consolidated adblocker list and convert it to dnsmasq format.