Index a String in Rust

Posted on Fri 08 December 2023 in tech

Two Ways to Index a String in Rust From a Beginner, for other Beginner's

As a relative newcomer to Rust, with experience programming in C and C++, I am used to being able to directly index a String. In these languages, indexing a string is a simple operation. However, in …

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Impact of Java virtual threads on performance?

Posted on Mon 20 November 2023 in tech

Virtual threads are ideal for handling a large number of short-lived threads without prioritizing low latency or high throughput. This is because virtual threads share the compute resources overall. In contrast, applications seeking high throughput often use long-lived platform threads as dedicated workers for spinning or polling workloads. In this …

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EMOM Timer

Posted on Sun 19 November 2023 in tech

Exploring the EMOM Timer - A Rust and Yew Application

EMOM Timer

Introduction to the EMOM Timer

EMOM Timer is a customizable timer designed for your workout. EMOM Timer is developed using the Rust programming language and the Yew framework. This is a completely new way to develop web applications. The resulting application …

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Smart Contract Deterministic Deployment

Posted on Tue 31 October 2023 in tech

Deterministic Deployment for Ethereum


Deterministic deployment is an undocumented feature of forge in Foundry. Deterministic deployment refers to predictable deployment of smart contracts to the same address every time they are deployed. A deterministic contract address can be useful for several reasons:

  1. Trust: Users or other contracts can trust a …

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did-eth 60: EIP1056Registry

Posted on Thu 19 October 2023 in tech

EIP1056Registry Pull Request did-eth-60

• renames registry to remove the word 'Ethereum' • upgrades solidity version to 0.8.15, a more recent and stable version • implements the EIP1056Registry interface • provides documentation for all contract functions

Closes Standardized Contract Interface

The Case for Solidity-Only Testing in Smart Contract Development

Posted on Mon 09 October 2023 in tech • Tagged with ethereum, solidity, foundry

The Case for Solidity-Only Testing in Smart Contract Development

If you're diving into the world of Solidity and smart contracts, you may have wrestled with the question: should I develop and test my project entirely in Solidity? For those unfamiliar with the debate, the alternative is often testing using TypeScript …

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