7 years ago today

Posted on Mon 27 February 2023 in news • Tagged with guitar, music, ukulele

Tenor Uke Construction

7 years ago today I was working on building a Tenor Ukulele in my garage. It came out really well and is a pretty decent uke.

Bad Blockchain!

Posted on Thu 10 November 2022 in news • Tagged with Ethereum, mempool, crypto

tx not found, might have been dropped from mempool - the least satisfying error message in the known universe. Thanks Ethereum

Update I had to fix this post because g00g13 thinks this error is a soft 404 ... LOL

2022 Naperville Half Marathon

Posted on Fri 29 July 2022 in news • Tagged with running, events

Team Washington Junior High

I am running the 2022 Naperville Half Marathon

Support me and the Naperville Education Foundation


Posted on Sun 20 February 2022 in news • Tagged with culture, history

Hamilton does History a disservice by making Aaron Burr seem like a cool guy and not a creep.

Calling before the flop

Posted on Wed 26 January 2022 in news • Tagged with poker, wit, random

JQ Preflop

That AQ looked real good before the flop...

Emacs ...

Posted on Sun 23 January 2022 in news • Tagged with emacs, programming, humor

Ctrl-K is the first key to wear out on an Emacs user's keyboard