7 years ago today

Posted on Mon 27 February 2023 in news • Tagged with guitar, music, ukulele

Tenor Uke Construction

7 years ago today I was working on building a Tenor Ukulele in my garage. It came out really well and is a pretty decent uke.

Spring 2020 Piano Recital

Posted on Sat 30 May 2020 in news • Tagged with piano, music

Naperville Music Virtual Piano Recital #covid19

Spring 2020

4k video!

How to Fix Guitar Fingers

Posted on Sun 19 April 2020 in news • Tagged with guitar, tips, music

After injuring my hand I was unable to play guitar for some time. As a result I lost some of my finger condition and it has been difficult to get it back. One trick for playing an extended set without the ouchy fingers is to use Gorilla Glue.

A put …

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Naperville Guitar Meetup

Posted on Sat 18 April 2020 in news • Tagged with meetup, guitar, music

In spring of 2018 I injured my right hand in a bad fall while running. I stopped playing guitar for 6 months 😱. I was so frustrated to lose progress that the I ended up with "writers block" for almost a year. I have only recently started playing again. And I …

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