History: Teutonic Knights

Posted on Sun 30 June 2024 in history • Tagged with definition, dictionary

The Teutonic Knights were established in the end of the twelfth century to protect the Christian Holy Land. These knights later used their military power to gain wealth by raiding and pillaging the Slavic nations in eastern Europe. The Teutonic Knights waged war on the Slavic peoples for thirty years …

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Announcement collectivexyz/foundry:v1.0.4

Posted on Fri 28 June 2024 in update

Collective Foundry v1.0.4


Dear valued customers,

We are pleased to announce the release of our new container version 1.0.4. This new version includes several new features and improvements that will make your container experience even better.

Some of the new features include:

  • Improved security
  • Better performance …

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History: Magna Carta

Posted on Sun 23 June 2024 in history • Tagged with history, writing


The Magna Carta was a great charter of feudal liberties. The Magna Carta was supported by the English nobility because it limited the power of the English monarchy. Much of the Magna Carta was aimed at preventing wrongful imprisonment, and to prevent the king from conducting executions or taking …

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History: English parliament

Posted on Sun 16 June 2024 in history • Tagged with definition, dictionary

The English parliament established, 1300, was one of the primarily democratizing influences in the English monarchy. Originally parliament was used to refer to the meeting of the kings council, however, Edward I invited two knights from every county and two representatives from each city and town to meet and consent …

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What if you get RIFed?

Posted on Mon 10 June 2024 in tech

What to Do if You Get Terminated: Updated 2024

Facing termination can be one of the most challenging moments in your professional career. It's essential to approach this situation strategically and proactively to navigate your way to a new job successfully. Here’s a comprehensive guide on what to do …

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History: Frederick Barbarossa

Posted on Sun 09 June 2024 in history • Tagged with history, person

1152- 1190 - Frederick Barbarossa, known as Fredrick I, was a powerful lord who was elected king in Central Europe. Frederick wanted to further incorporate Italy into the German kingdom to form a Holy Empire or Holy Roman Empire. The papal states and northern Italian cities resisted and Fredrick was defeated …

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