History: Hugh Capet

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987- 996 CE - When the power and authority of the Frankish kings diminished in the West, the nobles chose Hugh Capet, count of Orl'eans and Paris to become king. The political intent of their choice is revealed in the fact that Capet was a minor land owner whose primary control …

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History: Otto I

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936- 973 CE - Otto I was one of the best known kings of the Saxons in Germany. Otto I defeated the Magyars at Lechfeld in 955 CE , and encouraged conversion of Slavic and Scandinavian peoples to Christianity. Otto I incorporated the power of the church more heavily into his kingdom …

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History: Alcuin of York

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790 CE

Alcuin was a famous scholar from the school at York. Alcuin was adviser on ecclesiastical affairs in Charlemagne's court and one of the important leaders at the palace school. Alcuin taught classical Latin and liberal arts, and helped to maintain scholarship in the Catholic church.

History: Charlemagne

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768- 814 CE - Charles the Great or Charlemagne was a charismatic and powerful ruler of the Frankish peoples. He was said to be very intelligent, aggressive, capable on the battlefield, and an exceptional statesman. Charlemagne undertook fifty-four military campaigns with the small Frankish army, about 8,000 men. Charlemagne's aggressive …

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History: Pepin

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751- 768 CE - Pepin was the son of Charles Martel in Austrasia. Pepin was crowned king and anointed with holy oil by a representative of the Pope. The Frankish kings were anointed symbolizing the relationship of their king with God. Pepin's son Charlemagne succeeded him to the throne.

History: Muhammad

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570- 632 CE - Muhammad was an orphan born in Mecca who became the principal prophet of the religion of Islam. Muhammad was a caravan manager as an adult and came into money when he married his employer, a rich widow. Muhammad began to experience visions in his middle age and …

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