History: Frederick Barbarossa

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1152- 1190 - Frederick Barbarossa, known as Fredrick I, was a powerful lord who was elected king in Central Europe. Frederick wanted to further incorporate Italy into the German kingdom to form a Holy Empire or Holy Roman Empire. The papal states and northern Italian cities resisted and Fredrick was defeated …

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History: Thomas Becket

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Thomas Becket was archbishop of Canterbury in the twelfth century. Becket was England's highest ranking cleric when he became embroiled in a political controversy. The powerful king, Henry II, 1154- 1189, wanted the right to punish clergy in the royal court. However, Becket resisted claiming that only the church …

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History: Domesday Book

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1086- The Domesday book listed the exact holdings of individual English families. The Domesday book allowed William of Normandy to take taxes based on each individuals wealth.

History: William of Normandy

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1066- 1087 - William of Normandy defeated the English king Harold Godwinson at Hastings, October 14, 1066. William was crowned king of England, and proceeded to take control of the nation. William annexed large tracts of land on behalf of the Normans and became one of the largest holders of English …

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History: Fairs of Champagne

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The trading fairs of Champagne were the largest marketplaces in western Europe. Champagne hosted fairs annually as part of a French program to increase trade. Merchants were promised protection from harm and reduced taxes, while the state enjoyed increased commercial activity.

History: Saladin

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1169- Saladin lead Sunni Muslims of Syria in an invasion of Egypt and ended the Fatimid caliphate. Saladin's forces also invaded Jerusalem, Palestine and Tripoli. The fall of Jerusalem led to a 'third crusade.'