History: Cluniac reforms

Posted on Sun 03 December 2023 in history • Tagged with history, movement

910- The Cluniac Reform Movement began in Burgundy at the abbey of Cluny. In 910 , Duke William of Aquitaine founded an abbey on the principal that the high ideals of the Benedictine rule should be lauded and followed. The Cluniac abbots maintained strict adherence to the ideal of moderation practiced …

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History: Abbasids

Posted on Sun 05 November 2023 in history • Tagged with history, dynasty

750- 1258 CE - The Abbasid's were a dynasty in Damascus established by Abu al-Abbas. The Abbasids improved relations among Arab and non-Arab Muslims. They allowed Muslims of any ethnic origin to hold civil and military office in government. The natural result was far greater ethnic diversity and even greater acceptance …

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History: The Rus

Posted on Sun 29 October 2023 in history • Tagged with history, people

Novgorod, Northwest Russia, south-southeast of St. Petersburg- The Rus where a Viking people who ruled under Rurik in the Slavic settlement of Novgorod, 862 CE. The Rus eventually donated their name to "Russia" as it is known today. One of Rurik's followers, Oleg, 873- 913 CE, established an association of …

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History: Slavs

Posted on Sun 22 October 2023 in history • Tagged with history, people

Central Eastern Europe- The Slavs were a central European people who eventually migrated and separated into three groups: western, southern, and eastern Slavs. The Germans felt it was important for them to convert the Slavs to Christianity and expended great effort in doing so, 1000 CE. The Polish, Czech and …

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History: Hugh Capet

Posted on Sun 08 October 2023 in history • Tagged with history, person

987- 996 CE - When the power and authority of the Frankish kings diminished in the West, the nobles chose Hugh Capet, count of Orl'eans and Paris to become king. The political intent of their choice is revealed in the fact that Capet was a minor land owner whose primary control …

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History: Otto I

Posted on Sun 01 October 2023 in history • Tagged with history, person

936- 973 CE - Otto I was one of the best known kings of the Saxons in Germany. Otto I defeated the Magyars at Lechfeld in 955 CE , and encouraged conversion of Slavic and Scandinavian peoples to Christianity. Otto I incorporated the power of the church more heavily into his kingdom …

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