Wow, some of my dotfiles will live forever!

Posted on Wed 07 December 2022 in tech • Tagged with dotfiles, unix, linux, oldschool

Part of my .emacs

    ;; LOL LOL - WOW mid '90s config returns from the grave
    ;; Load ladebug mode on OSF4
    (if (file-exists-p '"/usr/lib/emacs/lisp/ladebug.el")
      (load-file '"/usr/lib/emacs/lisp/ladebug.el"))

Shoutout to all those who used the C++ debugger on OSF with Digital hardware in mid-anthropocene …

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How to run Unifi controller in AWS with a small (1Gb) memory footprint

Posted on Wed 08 September 2021 in tech • Tagged with unifi, networking, unix, linux, aws, debian, ubuntu

For years, I have been hosting Unifi controller in AWS. AWS is both more convenient and reliable than hosting a local server. I am also convinced that hosting a minimalist server is about the same cost on AWS as running locally. In the past, I have purchased a one year …

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Posted on Sun 13 September 2020 in news • Tagged with unix, epoch

I feel like I am the only one that is excited about the upcoming unix time event: 1600000000 seconds since the epoch. But I am! 😬🎉

The simple math behind the extraordinary benefit of 8 sided dice for diceware

Posted on Thu 14 May 2020 in tech • Tagged with unix, diceware, security, programming

Most diceware implementations use 6-sided dice or D6. It would be easy to knee jerk assume that the marginal difference between 6 and 8 sided dice is negligible. However, in that case, one would be forgetting that we are dealing with exponential counting here and small numbers really add up …

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