Compiled switch in modern c++

Posted on Tue 31 January 2023 in tech • Tagged with c++, c++20, programming, tutorial

Compiled Switch

This example demonstrates how to incorporate a compiled switch construct in an event driven application such as a market data handler or parser.

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std::generate in modern c++

Posted on Fri 27 January 2023 in tech • Tagged with c++, std::generate, lambda, tutorial


Many examples of std::generate in C++ involve a static. However using a static introduces issues around thread safety and usability in modern code. Here is a simple example using std::generate with a c++14 style lambda that defines and captures a local variable.

Full tutorial on …

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building solc

Posted on Thu 17 November 2022 in tech • Tagged with Ethereum, Solidity, web3, c++, devops

Building Solidity's compiler solc is nothing short of a bear. It is using complex external dependencies like boost with some optional dependencies. Moreover the build depends on specific versions of these packages. This amount of complexity for a compiler is a topic of another post but it does give me …

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C++ Functional Programming?

Posted on Wed 27 October 2021 in tech • Tagged with programming, c++, go, python, java


C++ programmers should explore functional languages. Experience with modern programming idioms can improve ones ability to write modern C++.

Reverse the words in a string C++

Posted on Wed 20 October 2021 in tech • Tagged with programming, interview, c++

I used to ask this classic on every single one of my interviews. I've gotten lenient.

Reverse the words C++

Leetcode Number Of Islands C++ Depth First Search Example

Posted on Sun 03 October 2021 in tech • Tagged with programming, Leetcode, C++, DFS

Number of Islands Recursive Graph Traversal

Depth First Search