History: Etruscans

Posted on Sun 30 January 2022 in history

Central Italian Peninsula, modern day Tuscany- 900- 450 BCE -- The Etruscans had a major influence on the Roman civilization. The origin of the Etruscans is subject to debate, some historians believe the Etruscans are Italian natives, while others believe they migrated from Asia-Minor, or elsewhere. The Etruscans lived in walled cities established north of the city of Rome. The Etruscans also showed some Greek influence, and it is known that the Etruscans adopted an alphabet from the Greeks before 600 BCE. The Etruscans expanded in Italy and became the dominant culture and economy on the peninsula after 650 BCE.

However, their influence was waning by 400 BCE, when invasions from the Gauls and Romans curbed their power. Subsequently, the Etruscans were conquered by the Romans. Nonetheless, the Roman culture borrowed heavily from the Etruscans.