History: Seljuk Turks

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Central Asia- The Seljuk turks were a people who converted to Islam. The Seljuk Turks were persecuted by Pope Urban II in a crusade. In the eleventh century the Seljuk turks took over the eastern provinces of the Abbasid empire. In 1055 a Turkish leader captured Baghdad.

History: The Rus

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Novgorod, Northwest Russia, south-southeast of St. Petersburg- The Rus where a Viking people who ruled under Rurik in the Slavic settlement of Novgorod, 862 CE. The Rus eventually donated their name to "Russia" as it is known today. One of Rurik's followers, Oleg, 873- 913 CE, established an association of …

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History: Slavs

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Central Eastern Europe- The Slavs were a central European people who eventually migrated and separated into three groups: western, southern, and eastern Slavs. The Germans felt it was important for them to convert the Slavs to Christianity and expended great effort in doing so, 1000 CE. The Polish, Czech and …

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History: Vikings

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Scandinavia- The Vikings are a Germanic people who settled in Scandinavia. These tribal warriors were also known as the Norsemen. The Vikings excelled as warriors, ship builders, and sailors. The combination of these skills allowed the Vikings to come into contact with much of the known world at the time …

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History: Magyars

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Western Asia- The Magyars were encouraged to attack the Bulgars by the Byzantine emperors, while the Bulgars urged the Pechenegs to attack the Magyars. The Magyars were eventually forced into eastern and central Europe by the Pecheneg pressure. The Magyars built a strong presence in Hungary and made many raids …

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History: Visigoths

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Germania- The Visigoths were one of the largest Germanic tribes in the fourth and fifth centuries CE. They had a truly love hate relationship with the Romans first asking them for help, and then meeting them in battle in 378 CE where they killed Emperor Valens at the Battle of …

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