History: Flavians

Posted on Sun 02 October 2022 in history

69- 96 CE - The Flavian Dynasty includes the Roman rulers Vespasian, 69- 79 CE , Titus, 79- 81 CE , Domitian, 81- 96 CE. The time of the Flavian Dynasty was one of the first eras where Roman rulers referred to themselves as Emperors, thus signifying a final transition from republican ideals to monarchic rule. After the year of four emperors, 69 CE , Vespasian rose to power as a result of his command of the legions of the east. This shows the influence of the military in Roman politics at this time, for the most part, those who commanded large legions also could take control of the state. Further undermining the old republican ethics, Vespasian established dynastic succession, and his sons Titus and Domitian followed him. However, the Flavian dynasty wouldn't last long, since Domitian was assassinated in 96 CE.