History: Abbasids

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750- 1258 CE - The Abbasid's were a dynasty in Damascus established by Abu al-Abbas. The Abbasids improved relations among Arab and non-Arab Muslims. They allowed Muslims of any ethnic origin to hold civil and military office in government. The natural result was far greater ethnic diversity and even greater acceptance …

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History: Merovigians

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511 CE

The Merovigian dynasty was named after Merovech, who was a Frankish ancestor of Clovis. Clovis founded the dynasty prior to his death in 511 CE. The Merovingians ruled most of the major Frankish dominions including Neustria in northern Gaul, Austrasia, and the kingdom of Burgundy.

History: Flavians

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69- 96 CE - The Flavian Dynasty includes the Roman rulers Vespasian, 69- 79 CE , Titus, 79- 81 CE , Domitian, 81- 96 CE. The time of the Flavian Dynasty was one of the first eras where Roman rulers referred to themselves as Emperors, thus signifying a final transition from republican ideals …

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