History: Minoan Crete

Posted on Sun 04 April 2021 in history

Isle of Crete, Northern Mediterranean- The earliest civilization in the Aegean region is called "Minoan Crete." Minoan Crete was a Bronze Age civilization, 2800 BCE. Minoan Crete was discovered on the island of Crete by Arthur Evans. The name 'Minoa' is taken from the name of a famous king of Crete, Minos. Crete is also the location of the palace complex at Knossus. Evidence indicates that Minoan Crete was a very prosperous culture, with far reaching sea trade. Evidence indicates Minoans traded as far south as Egypt. Minoan civilization disappeared 1450 BCE.

Although, authorities differ there is evidence that Minoan Crete was destroyed in a cataclysmic volcanic blast.