History: Hagia Sophia

Posted on Sun 07 May 2023 in history • Tagged with history, place

Constantinople- 537 CE -- Hagia Sophia was the "Church of Holy Wisdom" in Constantinople. It was one of the three greatest buildings in the city and one of the greatest achievements of Justinian. Hagia Sophia was designed by a Greek architect. It contains four large piers and a huge dome which …

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History: Teutoburg Forest

Posted on Sun 14 August 2022 in history • Tagged with history, place

Germania or Germany- 9 CE -- Though the reign of Augustus was generally marked by military triumph and successes, Augustus did fail to expand the Roman empire beyond the natural borders established in the North. In particular, at the Battle of Teutoburg Forest, Augustus was soundly defeated. The Romans lost about …

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History: Alexandria

Posted on Sun 28 November 2021 in history • Tagged with history, place

Egypt, in the Western Nile Delta- The city established by Alexander the Great after his conquest of Egypt. Alexandria was a place of great learning and advancement. The ancient library at Alexandria is known to be the largest in the Hellenistic era. Alexandria also offered a museum for the study …

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History: Minoan Crete

Posted on Sun 04 April 2021 in history • Tagged with history, place

Isle of Crete, Northern Mediterranean- The earliest civilization in the Aegean region is called "Minoan Crete." Minoan Crete was a Bronze Age civilization, 2800 BCE. Minoan Crete was discovered on the island of Crete by Arthur Evans. The name 'Minoa' is taken from the name of a famous king of …

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History: Royal Road

Posted on Sun 07 March 2021 in history • Tagged with history, place

Persian Empire, Middle East- The Royal Road is a vast system of principal roadways constructed, 500 BCE. The Royal Road was at least 1600 miles in length and allowed for efficient transportation of troops from region to region within the Persian empire. The Road also allowed for rapid communication between …

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History: Gardens of Babylon

Posted on Sun 24 January 2021 in history • Tagged with history, place

Babylon, Middle East, Asia Minor- The Gardens of Babylon were a series of steps leading up to a plateau on an artificial mountain. The mountain was covered with an extravagant garden. The Gardens were irrigated with water piped to the top. It is said that the Gardens appeared suspended in …

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