History: Sulla

Posted on Sun 12 June 2022 in history

138- 78 BCE - Lucius Cornelius Sulla was a member of the nobiles, who was made consul in 88 BCE. During Sulla's consularship, the plebian assembly gave Marius command of the army. Sulla regarded this action as illegal, and used his army to march on Rome and reestablish control. Marius fled, however when Sulla left to attend to the war against Mithridates, Marius joined forces with the consul Cinna, and marched on Rome to seize control of the government once again. Marius used his power to remove Sulla, and kill many of Sulla's supporters. Sulla defeated Mithridates and returned to Rome to use his armies to once again seize power. In the ensuing turmoil Sulla convinced the senate to name him dictator to "reconstitute the republic." Sulla used his power to oppressed and kill his opponents, and later to revise the constitution to restore power to the senate. Sulla eliminated the plebian assembly and attempted to restore order to the Roman Republic. Sulla's reforms ultimately proved futile as civil wars destroyed the Roman Republic.