History: Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus

Posted on Sun 29 May 2022 in history

Tiberius Gracchus, 163- 133 BCE, was a member of the nobiles. He was concerned with the shortage of military recruits, and attempted to create some reforms to improve the situation in Rome. Tiberius believed that the primary problems in Rome stemmed from the demise of the family farm, so he introduced policies to redistribute huge tracts of lands to the landless poor in the plebian assembly. The measures were passed, however it was likely too late to save Rome from the civil wars that would plague it in the coming years. Though Tiberius was popular with the plebians, his reform had major impacts on wealthy landowners in the senate, who conspired and eventually assassinated him. Tiberius' brother Gaius was elected tribune in 123- 122 BCE and carried the torch of reform passed on by his brother. Gaius restored the traditional judicial powers and quickened the redistribution of land. The reforms of these brothers demonstrated the conflicts of interest between the powerful landed aristocracy and the poorer classes in Rome.